​"artists do not create objects, they leaves traces of humanity​"​ ​by sandra ban

contemporary artist

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contemporary art & artistic furniture products 


contemporay ceramics sculpture

video art & installation

digital art

visual art

earth art


international events, symposium, residence ...  masterclass, mentoring


extreme programming


unique masterpiece of art & design inside / outside your space

for commissions


PORTFOLIO and transform art energy ... 30 years...


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Sandra Ban has a multi-practice Atelier, this is because it has forged a deeply inclusive and sustainable vision of luxury, in time and space. She using 100% ethical methods and materials in the production of all its sculptural painting, tableware, jewellery, interior home design and outdoor art installation. High esthetic, natural material and process the work have the same hight value. ETHICAL 


visual artist, contemporary art & ceramic, new media designer...

Interdisciplinary artist, educated in arts in Italy with more than 30 years of professional work. Today lives and works in self-sustaining studio, Croatian mountains, focused on visualization through the medium of clay and eco-art with video and collective performances of sculptural painting.


She has anthroposophical attitudes, natural and living materials of earth,  combines with new digital media technologies and design, expressing deep layers of consciousness with concepts of abstract representations and emphases of contemporary prose with the aim of uniting society in their various cultural and artistic sectors.

She exhibits independently and at numerous international group exhibitions, various projects, symposia and art residencies, festivals, holds events, seminars, education, builds sculptures in public spaces.


Recognized and awarded in Croatia, Europe and beyond, Asia, USA... her art is sought internationally and is selling as an investment. Her works are in prestigious museums, galleries and parks collections around the world.

* Member of IAC, International Academy Ceramic Geneve (SUISSE)

* Honorary member and representative of Croatian ceramics in the international organization of Women  Ceramic Artists "Pandora" from Italy in partnership with "KWCA", org. from Korea, founder of the Matres Biennale Festival

* Member of from the USA;

* Member of KERAMEIKON, Croatian IAC member Ceramic Association;

* Member of HDLU, Croatian Fine Arts Society, Rijeka;

* Member of ULUPUH, Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts;

* Member of MATICA HR, Delnice  - Matrix Croatica 1842 the oldest Croatian cultural organization for the promotion of Croatian culture of artistic, scientific and spiritual creativity, economy and public life, and care for social development.

*available for demonstration and masterclass

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contemporary art

I’m like a white paper. No limits -  all is creative challenge. 


mentoring art & design skills around the world

workshop & masterclass


unique high design product & furniture

 interior design and outdoor

luxury tableware

Earth Walking collection

unique luxury

home design 

artearth flash resdence
45° 27′ 21.52″ N, 14° 52′ 46.1″ E


* forest lady atelier/studio/home

* workshop & masterclass

* art & design luxury product

* international events

...welcome home to nature of yourself.....  and more

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